Foundations and Philanthropy

Social assets call for responsibility

Managing charitable and institutional assets comes with a certain social responsibility, especially if you want to manage them in a sustainable manner. This includes retaining assets and fulfilling a role in society. We'd like to hear about the challenges you face when (sustainably) managing charitable and institutional assets. Which risks can and should you take to realise your foundation or association's goals? 

Tailor-made advice

We naturally take into account your specific demands and wishes when we provide advice. Our investment experts have a large set of attractive global (sustainable) investment instruments at their disposal. This enables us to construct each investment portfolio in accordance with your wishes.

Foundations and Philantropy
Tailor-made financial plan

We will formulate a balanced investment policy for you as part of a financial plan. This sets out the long-term consequences of your demands and wishes in terms of finances, based on a scenario analysis. And include an analysis on the one hand of the asset strategy and on the other the income strategy.

This tailor-made financial plan will enable you and your board to take well-founded decisions on investments and future expenditure. We record these decisions in a client risk profile. Each foundation has its own individual way of investing. That's why we lay down in an investment charter what your foundation may and may not invest in, as well as the minimum quality requirements for investments. If you don't yet have an investment charter, we will be happy to help you draw one up.

The exact composition of the investment portfolio depends on the individual foundation or association. We focus as standard on sustainable investments in order to highlight the social responsibility of your association or foundation. We naturally agree the exact portfolio composition with you first.


How you want or are able to invest varies from institution to institution. That's why you can use an investment charter to establish what your foundation or association may or may not invest in, as well as the minimum quality requirements for investments. The exact composition of your investment portfolio will depend on your individual organisation. We will coordinate this carefully with you and your board. From full asset management to investment advice: we will take care of as much as you want us to.

Asset Management: leaving management up to us
If you task us with asset management, we will base this on an extensive range of attractive global investment instruments. In doing so, we focus on sustainable investments. This means that your foundation or association's portfolio is not limited to just in-house funds, index products or equities listed on the Dutch stock exchange. Moreover, we recommend selecting passive investments to form the foundation of your portfolio. This creates broader diversification in the portfolio at low fees.

Mijn InsingerGilissen
The personalised online environment Mijn InsingerGilissen gives you, your board and, for example, your accountant direct insight into your foundation or association's investments. You can see at a glance your portfolio(s), the return on your investments and your most recent buy and sell transactions. Here you can also take a closer look at your portfolio, perform analyses and view our latest research. You can even view this information via the InsingerGilissen Mobile Portfolio App on your smartphone or tablet. The app is available for iOS and Android.

Professionalising management

Managing a foundation or association involves more than simply looking after the assets. That's why we look further than just asset management at InsingerGilissen. We regularly organise events on themes that are relevant to you as a board member, such as the reduced social role of governments. Our advisors will be happy to introduce you to fellow board members and other interesting partners at these events. In addition, we have organised a Professionalising Charity Management Masterclass together with Erasmus Academie Rotterdam for many years.

Management or advice
If you prefer to leave (some of) the management of your foundation or association to someone else, we can provide a professional manager to handle the day-to-day business of your assets. This manager, if necessary with the assistance of an agency, will safeguard operational continuity and can take on many of your tasks.

From applications to accounts
We can also deal with other tasks if required. This might include gifting administration, preparing and taking minutes at meetings, compiling financial and administrative reports and financial statements.

Policy advice and applications consultancy
We can also handle applications from social organisations. In this respect, we can make recommendations to the board and provide it with the information it needs when it needs it. We keep in touch with applicants before and after payment of donations and monitor and evaluate projects.

Model-based consultancy
Your board will face strategic decisions relating to policy, goals, the composition of the board or the future. We can furnish you with strategic advice in order to simplify the decision-making process. The policy proposal will be formulated in close collaboration with all the parties involved.

Fees and performance

At InsingerGilissen we apply an all-in approach. This means you know exactly what to expect.

The fee you pay depends on the size of the assets you have entrusted to us. In addition to the fee for the Asset Management or Investment Advice services, the all-in fee includes all transaction and administrative fees. This might include custody fees and expenses for bond redemptions and coupon and dividend payments. 


All-in rate (% per year)    
Assets Advice Management
€ 20 million or more 0,33% (incl. ALM) 0,36% (incl. ALM) 
€ 10 million to € 20 million 0,45% (incl. ALM) 0,48% (incl. ALM) 
€ 5 million to € 10 million 0,56% (incl. ALM) 0,61% (incl. ALM) 
€ 3 million to € 5 million 0,78% (incl. feasibility analysis) 0,85% (incl. feasibility analysis)
  VAT included VAT included

Please click here to view a detailed fee chart as applicable to our new clients. 

Please refer to the detailed fee chart if you wish to make use of our new asset management method within our fund structure.

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