Financing solutions

We offer you a wide range of financing solutions and can help you make your dreams and those of your children and grandchildren come true.

Financing real estate
We offer attractive terms and conditions on loans for buying or refinancing leased real estate. In addition to mortgages for your own home, you can turn to us for loans for commercial real estate. We offer long-term loans with securities as collateral, with fixed rates of up to 10 years.

A mortgage for your children
If your son or daughter wishes to buy their own home, we can offer you a solution in which you can assist them by using a portion of your securities portfolio as collateral. This is an attractive solution for you as a family in terms of both taxation and costs.

A mortgage/bridging loan
We can offer you a mortgage or temporary bridging loan when you buy a new home.

Solutions to suit your individual situation
We offer you a customised service. You can be assured of flexible and competitive solutions that use your real estate or securities as collateral. We can also inventory whether your current loans are still appropriate for you.

Please consult our current rates here (in Dutch only). Click here for our mortgage comparison chart (in Dutch only).

If you have any questions or would like further information, please contact us by E-mail via or by telephone on +31 (0)20 5276 777.

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