No problem can outrun a solution. We place sustainability at the heart of our business and as the driver of your investments. Change what you don’t like. Invest in what you do.
7 commonly asked questions on sustainable investing.
Issues such as climate change, pollution and renewable energy are increasingly becoming headline news making sustainable investing at the forefront of many investor’s minds. These investors want to be sure that their money is being put to use in a way which aligns with their personal values
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Boldly envisioning the future
Significant trends are shaping our economies and societies. We use a quintet of powerful structural drivers to identify thematic opportunities. These are: Demographic change, Regulatory developments, Social shifts, Sustainability, and Technological progress. Thinking about the future? So are we.
Corporate Sustainability Report 2022
For the doers not the daydreamers
Our sustainability team, acting on behalf of Quintet clients, voted on almost 9000 proposals and engaged 400 companies in constructive dialogue about sustainability issues relevant to their operations. Quintet regularly voted against appointments to boards where female representation was lacking, and pressed for greater reporting and reduction of greenhouse gas emissions.