Asset Management & Investment Advice

We take your personal situation as our starting point. A customised proposal and the risk profile we agree with you form the basis for managing your assets.

Your private banker compiles a customised proposal and periodically adjusts it after consultation with you. We take into account what you believe to be important now and in relation to the future.

Asset Management or Investment Advice
If you opt for Asset Management, we relieve you of the burden of day-to-day management, but you have the option of keeping your finger on pulse.

If you opt for Investment Advice, you are the one making all the investment decisions. You define your strategy together with your private banker. Your Client Advisor will support you with well-founded advice and act as a sounding board.

Responsible and sustainable
As a co-signatory of the United Nations Principles for Responsible Investment you can be sure of our investments being responsible. In our Asset Management service, for example, you can choose from two portfolios: Responsible and Sustainable*. Our investment experts manage these portfolios using a fund structure and align them with your risk profile. The Responsible portfolio offers the option of including alternative investments as well.
* In some situations we also offer you the choice of a tailor-made portfolio 

Whichever portfolio you choose, you can rely on us offering a wide variety of investments, broad diversification and an independent investment policy.

Insight into your investments
Your private banker and your online environment Mijn InsingerGilissen give you optimum (online) insight into your investments and your return. As part of our Investment Advice service we also provide you with tangible investment information and ideas.

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