Fees and performance

At InsingerGilissen we apply an all-in approach to Asset Management and Investment Advice.

The all-in fee covers the support provided by your private banker and our securities services, as well as all transaction and administrative fees, such as custody fees.

What else is included in our all-in approach?
We map out your objectives in detail and if you wish can advise you on loans and payments. You are also given assistance in financial and estate planning as well as gifting strategies.

An independent private planner also compiles a periodic Private Plan or Estate Plan for clients with assets in excess of 1 million euros. 

Our Shoe Box service is also included in our fee for clients with assets in excess of 10 million euros. In other cases we can offer you attractive hourly rates for this service. Hourly rates also apply if you task us with being administrator or executor for your estate.

Fee levels
The fee you pay depends on:

 You will find more information on the structure of our all-in fees in chapter 2.6 of our Service Provision Document

We are transparent about the return on our investments. This is why we publish our performance on the following Dutch comparison websites:

Pay a visit to these sites to view an independent comparison.

We would like to stress the following in this respect: Past performances provide no guarantee for the future; Return always involves some risk. We seek to earn a solid return at a responsible level of risk; The stated return has no bearing on any return included in investment advice. This depends on the individual situation.

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