InsingerGilissen named 'Best Private Bank'

For the fourth consecutive time, InsingerGilissen has won the 'IEX Gouden Stier' audience award in 2021 and was named 'Best Private Bank in the Netherlands'.

Quintet Private Bank also won accolades at the Citywealth International Financial Center Awards 2021 and was named 'Private Bank of the Year - Europe'. We are proud that our services are regularly highly rated by both clients and professional juries. This year (2024) we have been nominated again for a ‘Gouden Stier’ (‘Golden Bull’), as can be read (in dutch) on the IEX Gouden Stier website.

Selection by audience | Judgement by expert jury
From five private banks nominated by the public, ABN Amro MeesPierson, ING Private Banking, Rabobank Private Banking, Van Lanschot Kempen and InsingerGilissen, an independent professional jury has once again named InsingerGilissen the winner of the IEX Golden Bull 'Best Private Bank' in 2021, just like 2018, 2019 and 2020. The composition of the jury changes regularly. In 2019, it consisted of Pieter Kort, Editor-in-Chief of IEX Media, Nico Inberg, head of IEX Investor’s Desk and Marcel Tak – independent advisor and product specialist. In 2020, these were Pieter Kort and Marcel Tak, with support from the independent knowledge partners Crowdfundmarkt, and Refinitiv Lipper. In 2021, they were Pieter Kort (IEX), Iris van de Looij (DUFAS), Erik Mauritz (IEX Investor Desk), Tanja Nagel (DSI, EY), Marcel Tak (independent product specialist) and Eelco Ubbels (Alpha Research).

From the 2018 jury report
Private bank of the year: InsingerGilissen. "Private banking is the premier league of wealth management, where larger assets are structured, invested and secured for future generations. The market is dominated by a limited number of parties, including all major banks, each with their own strengths. In 2017, the private banks Insinger de Beaufort and Theodoor Gilissen - both banks with a long history – merged into InsingerGilissen. In the first full year of its existence, the bank immediately earned the first annual prize in the IEX Golden Bull category ‘best private bank’, due to both its investment performance and quality of its entire offering. In 2018, InsingerGilissen achieved a slightly higher return than the four other Best Choices (neutral risk profile, reference date September 2018). The bank also achieves an excellent result over longer periods at costs that are among the lowest in the segment." 

From the 2019 jury report
Best private bank of the year: Insinger Gilissen. "The Netherlands has excellent private banks, we can conclude after a review of this sector. All ‘Best Choices’ deliver excellent performances for their upmarket clientele and most of them in this world of personal services also perform well in the field of 'impersonal' digital experience. InsingerGilissen has achieved the considerable feat of retaining the honor of ‘Private Bank of the Year in this 'pool of death'. In our research into digital customer experience, it performs among the best. In the overall assessment which is the basis for the Best Choice election, InsingerGilissen particularly stood out by seemingly effortlessly maintaining the lead of the small peloton, with top scores in the areas of organization, investment policy and risk policy. Ultimately, we also look at investment performance before awarding this title, since this also for private banks, this remains the core of the service provided. What is immediately striking is the excellent performance in the stormy fourth quarter of 2018, in which InsingerGilissen’s investors suffered the least damage of all the five Best Choices. In 2019, customers again benefited from the better sentiment (we compared the results in a neutral risk profile). Good investment work."

From the 2020 jury report
Best private bank of the year: InsingerGilissen "We can be brief about the deserved winner of the Golden Bull: InsingerGilissen wins this trophy for the third year in a row, because in performing its most important task, managing the customer's assets, it clearly has shown the best results. In the first disastrous months of 2020, the asset manager kept losses the most limited of all competitors (neutral risk profile) and also managed to benefit from the first recovery in May and June. Over the whole of 2020 and over the last 3 and 5 years, InsingerGilissen's investment managers outperformed their private banking competitors. We can also add that InsingerGilissen opened a new online information channel for its customers in 2020, offers the option to also finance real estate and reduces investment costs for customers through a new fund structure. That's also nice, but the investment results are actually enough to make InsingerGilissen the deserved winner of the title Private Bank of the Year."

Also winner of the 'Investment Funds (providers)' category in 2024?
In addition to the nomination for the Golden Bull 2023 for 'Best Private Bin the Netherlands', InsingerGilissen has also been nominated in the category 'Investment Funds (providers)' in 2024. The winners of the Golden Bulls will be announced on Thursday, March 28, 2024 in the venue Felix Meritis in Amsterdam. 

How do you choose the best private bank / best bank for investing?
The value of a good private bank can hardly be overstated. First of all, of course, as an expert asset manager or investment bank, that enables you to achieve your financial goals. But your private bank can also make the difference between a good solution and the best possible one for all other important financial decisions in your life. Requisite is your private banker's in-depth insight into your principles, objectives and motivations. Of course, trust is the basis for such a relationship. 

InsingerGilissen's personal approach
After an initial introduction, our advisors will provide you with insight into the feasibility of your specific wishes and goals using a scenario analysis in a tailor-made proposal. We will set this up for you free of charge. In complex situations, a specialized external financial planner draws up a Private Plan. This expert advises strictly independently of us, based on his own knowledge and insights. Based on your wishes and principles, or your Private Plan, we come up with a tailor-made proposal and, if necessary, refine the investment approach. If desired, a Private Plan can also be drawn up for you at a later time. 

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Winner IEX Gouden Stier Best Private Bank 2018, 2019, 2020, 2021