Sustainability-related disclosures investment funds

Being an asset manager, we are aware of our position in society and our influence on it. We see it as our duty to act and invest responsibly and as such take responsibility for the future of our planet, society and future generations. This is part of the investment philosophy for all investment funds managed by us.

Click here to download an Excel spreadsheet with all share classes and ISIN codes of our (sub)funds.

By clicking on the link you will see the extensive sustainability characteristics of the relevant fund. Unfortunately, the information is only available in Dutch. Our apologies.

Sustainability information investment funds 
Beheerstrategie NV - Duurzaam Offensief 
Beheerstrategie NV - Duurzaam Gematigd Offensief
Beheerstrategie NV - Duurzaam Gebalanceerd
Beheerstrategie NV - Duurzaam Gematigd Defensief
Beheerstrategie NV - Verantwoord Gematigd Offensief
Beheerstrategie NV - Verantwoord Gebalanceerd 

Profile Funds
Beheerstrategie NV - Multi Manager Equity
Beheerstrategie NV - Multi Manager Balanced
Beheerstrategie NV - Multi Manager Defensive Balanced

Sustainable Index Funds

Sustainable World Index Fund

Sustainable North America Index Fund

Sustainable Europe Index Fund

Specialised funds 

InsingerGilissen European Mid Cap Fund

InsingerGilissen Real Estate Equity Fund

Dynamic Fixed Income Fund