Specialist funds

A team of specialist and experienced fund managers manages our Specialist funds according to a specific investment policy. Each of these funds has its own individual investment objective, policy, strategy and risk characteristics.

Our Specialist funds are:

ARS Multi Manager Hedge Fund

The ARS Multi Manager Hedge Fund invests in a globally-diversified portfolio of absolute return (hedge) fund managers. The strategy focuses on generating a superior absolute return at a relatively low level of volatility. The fund is designed to generate a consistent positive return while protecting capital in bear markets.

European Mid Cap

The European Mid Cap Fund invests in European mid-cap equities. The fund aims to generate a sound return while restricting risk. There is a strong focus on bottom-up equity selection based on fundamental analysis. The macro-economic outlook plays an important role in the investment strategy as well. If the outlook for the equity markets is less positive, the fund may temporarily reduce its allocation to equities in favour of fixed income products and/or cash.

Real Estate Equity

The Real Estate Equity Fund invests in European real estate equities. The fund aims to offer a risk-adjusted return that surpasses that of the market (FTSE EPRA index). To do so, the fund uses long and short positions in equities and derivatives. This allows the fund manager to restrict the fund's volatility and offer downside protection in the event of a bear market. The fund attempts to benefit from the differences in valuations between different real estate equities. The fund holds a net long position in which the total long position is always larger than the total short position. In addition, the fund may not make use of loan capital (leverage).

Dynamic Fixed income