Private Banking / Foundations & Associations Terms and Conditions

Below you will find all the terms and conditions and regulations that apply to the services InsingerGilissen provides to Private Banking clients and foundations & associations.
Terms and conditions Private Banking


Service Provision Document
Policy on conflicts of interest
Terms and Conditions Private BankingComplaints procedure
Terms and conditions Foundations and AssociationsTax reclaim
Protection for your assets
Your risk profile at InsingerGilissen

Order execution

Policy on the execution of orders
Order allocation policy
Evaluation Policy on the execution of orders


Dienstverleningdocument hypotheekaanvraag
NVB gedragscode kleinzakelijke financiering (Dutch Only)
General Credit Terms
Algemene informatie hypothecair krediet
Advance financing policy

Payments and savings

Payment services and Fixed Beneficiary Account information leaflet
Terms and conditions Premium Interest-Earning account
Short-term investor deposit conditions
Verklarende woordenlijst Vergoedingen
Long-term investor deposit conditions

Depositor Information Sheet


Reporting terms and conditions EMIR