Private individuals

Choose a partner rather than a bank.

We help our clients and the generations that come after them to make (important) financial decisions in every phase of their lives. Where possible or desired, we take care of everything. We set ourselves apart through our:

  • personalised, high-quality service
  • enduring banking relationships with empathetic Client Advisors
  • customised, proven services

Your Client Advisor is the lynchpin in our services. Do you want to be in frequent touch or quite the opposite? Your investments managed for you or are you looking for a regular sparring partner? Communications by telephone or E-mail, or would you prefer to meet in person at your home or at our office? It's up to you! In order to provide the best service, your Client Advisor works together with a range of specialists at InsingerGilissen and elsewhere. Our services are aimed primarily at private individuals and institutions with investable assets of 1,000,000 euros or more

Private Banking
What can you expect from us?

Investment forms the core of our services. If you don't want the hassle of managing your investments, our investment specialists will be glad to take this out of your hands. Would you prefer to be the one in charge? Your Client Advisor – with the assistance of our investment specialists – will be happy to act as your advisor and sounding board. 

At InsingerGilissen, private banking goes beyond services relating to investment. We will be happy to assist you with:


Personalised approach
We take your personal situation as our starting point. A customised proposal and the risk profile we agree with you form the basis for managing your assets. Your private banker compiles a customised proposal and periodically adjusts it after consultation with you. We take into account what you believe to be important now and in relation to the future. 

Asset Management or Investment Advice
If you opt for Asset Management, we relieve you of the burden of day-to-day management, but you have the option of keeping your finger on pulse. 

If you opt for Investment Advice, you are the one making all the investment decisions. You define your strategy together with your private banker. Your Client Advisor will support you with well-founded advice and act as a sounding board. 

Responsible and sustainable
As a co-signatory of the United Nations Principles for Responsible Investment you can be sure of our investments being responsible. In our Asset Management service, for example, you can choose from two portfolios: Responsible and Sustainable*. Our investment experts manage these portfolios using a fund structure and align them with your risk profile. The Responsible portfolio offers the option of including alternative investments as well.

Whichever portfolio you choose, you can rely on us offering a wide variety of investments, broad diversification and an independent investment policy.  

Insight into your investments
Your private banker and your online environment Mijn InsingerGilissen give you optimum (online) insight into your investments and your return. As part of our Investment Advice service we also provide you with tangible investment information and ideas.

Financial planning and estate planning

Our services start with a customised proposal that clearly maps out your current and future income and asset positions. Our advisors also provide you with a scenario analysis, giving you insight into the feasibility of your specific wishes and objectives. This customised proposal is drawn up for you free of charge.

Private Plan
For more complex situations, a specialist external financial planner compiles a Private Plan. This expert provides strictly independent advice based on his or her knowledge and insights. If desired, a new Private Plan can be compiled at a later date as well. 

Periodic adjustments
We periodically discuss the basic assumptions behind the customised proposal/Private Plan with you and adjust our (investment) approach where necessary. 

Financial planning and estate planning

We offer you a wide range of financing solutions and can help you make your dreams and those of your children and grandchildren come true. A few examples:   

Financing real estate 
We offer attractive terms and conditions on loans for buying or refinancing leased real estate. In addition to mortgages for your own home, you can turn to us for loans for commercial real estate. We offer long-term loans with securities as collateral, with fixed rates of up to 10 years.

A mortgage for your children
If your son or daughter wishes to buy their own home, we can offer you a solution in which you can assist them by using a portion of your securities portfolio as collateral. This is an attractive solution for you as a family in terms of both taxation and costs. 

A mortgage/bridging loan
We can offer you a mortgage or temporary bridging loan when you buy a new home.

Solutions to suit your individual situation
We offer you a customised service. You can be assured of flexible and competitive solutions that use your real estate or securities as collateral. We can also inventory whether your current loans are still appropriate for you.

Please consult our current rates here (in Dutch only). Click here for our mortgage application service provision document.

If you have any questions or would like further information, please contact us by E-mail via or by telephone on +31 (0)20 5276 777.

Administrative support

If you have no time for admin or are simply not keen on doing it, you can leave it all to our Shoe Box service. All you need to do is put everything relating to your administration in the Shoe Box. This might include bills, statements and correspondence with the tax authorities. Each month, our courier will pick up the full Shoe Box and leave you an empty one. Our Shoe Box specialist will then set to work. 

Our modus operandi
Step one is discussing your financial situation and wishes. Step two comprises inventorying your current administration and structuring it. The Shoe Box specialist will then agree items with you such as day-to-day payments, preparing your tax return and contacts with your personal accountant and advisors.

The InsingerGilissen Shoe Box specialists also create a full overview of your finances and ensure that your insurance polices are screened and structured. 

Administrative support
Gifting strategies

If you'd like to introduce greater structure to your gifts or learn more about the options for donating (some of) your estate to charity, we will be happy to assist you with this.  

The InsingerGilissen Philanthropy team has acquired a great deal of expertise on charities over the years and helps private individuals and foundations to set up gifting strategies. Options include: 

  • one-off or regular gifting advice
  • setting up your own foundation with Public Benefit Organisation (PBO) status
  • setting up a named fund, for example at one of our umbrella funds for clients: Ars Donandi (various goals), Nachenius Tjeenk (culture) or Bouwstenen voor Dierenwelzijn (animal welfare)

Curious to discover what we can do for you? 
Get in touch:
Jacqueline Komin, Jessica Jurgens, Zita Luna en Susanna Gotjé
T  +31 20 5276 416

Gifting strategies
Fees and performance

At InsingerGilissen we apply an all-in approach to Asset Management and Investment Advice. The all-in fee covers the support provided by your private banker and our securities services, as well as all transaction and administrative fees, such as custody fees.

What else is included in our all-in approach?
We map out your objectives in detail and if you wish can advise you on loans and payments. You are also given assistance in financial and estate planning as well as gifting strategies.

An independent private planner also compiles a periodic Private Plan or Estate Plan for clients with assets in excess of 1 million euros. If you entrust us with a smaller amount, you can be assured of advantageous hourly rates for this service. 

Our Shoe Box service is also included in our fee for clients with assets in excess of 10 million euros. In other cases we can offer you attractive hourly rates for this service. Hourly rates also apply if you task us with being administrator or executor for your estate.

Fee levels
The fee you pay depends on: 

You will find more information on the structure of our all-in fees in our Service Provision Document, chapter 2.6. 

We are transparent about the return on our investments. This is why we publish our performance on the following Dutch comparison websites:

Pay a visit to these sites to view an independent comparison. 

We would like to stress the following in this respect:
  • past performances provide no guarantee for the future;
  • return always involves some risk. We seek to earn a solid return at a responsible level of risk;
  • the stated return has no bearing on any return included in investment advice. This depends on the individual situation. 

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