Asset Management

From 2019, we are applying a new, innovative method to our Asset Management service using a fund structure. This is being implemented in a growing number of our investment portfolios.

For this service you pay an all-in fee (Private Banking fee) and fees for the fund in which you invest (Asset Management fee). 

(Family) Assets

Private Banking fee per year 

(including 21% VAT)    

Asset Management fee per year 

(exempt from VAT) 

€ 10 million or more*0,06%0,75%
€ 5 million to € 10 million0,24%0,75%
€ 3 million to € 5 million0,42%0,75%
€ 1 million to € 3 million0,73%0,75%
€ 350.000 to € 1 million0,97% 0,75% 

You pay the Private Banking fee percentage over your assets under management and the Asset Management fee percentage over your assets in the fund. 

* If the size of the (family) assets is € 10 million or more, you will receive a standard refund of 0.10% on the assets in your account. 

Click here for a detailed fee chart for our new clients. 

Traditional Asset Management 

Some of our investment portfolios still manage your assets using the ‘traditional’ method. We make use of individual investments in these cases. 

You pay an all-in fee for this service. 

(Family) assets

All-in fee per year (including 21% VAT)

€ 10 million or more0,73%
€ 5 million to € 10 million1,03%
€ 3 million to € 5 million1,21%
€ 1 million to € 3 million1,51%

Please find a detailed fee chart for our new clients here. 

More information on fees 'traditional' Asset Management 

The fees you pay on an annual basis depend on the type of service you choose, the size of your assets, your risk profile and the securities that make up your portfolio. 

The following documents map out a number of combinations to give you a good idea of the fees involved.