Dagelijkse update over de markten vanuit KBL European Private Bankers (Engels)

InsingerGilissen, 08 OKT 2019

Eight out 10 of the world’s most surveilled cities are in China. Surprise? Not really. Facial recognition is becoming standard in China. It is also part of China’s huge push into artificial intelligence, whereby vast amounts of data on its inhabitants are gathered and analyzed. Sitting on top of the list of providers of facial recognition technology is a company called Megvii. That company is, according to the press, also one of the eight Chinese companies being blacklisted by the US. The US has indeed added eight Chinese companies to their list of targets that cannot buy components or products from US companies prior a much needed approval from the administration. The reason given for the blacklisting is human rights abuse, especially regarding the Uygur minority in China’s Xinjiang province. Some market pundits, however, see a move to block China’s push into becoming a global market leader in some aspects of artificial intelligence technology. Whatever he reason, it might not facilitate this week’s upcoming trade talks between the two countries.

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