Independent asset managers

Asset manager client?

You have enlisted the help of an independent asset manager who is affiliated with InsingerGilissen Services. How does that work? And who does what for you?

Your asset manager manages your assets and is your contact point for everything related to your assets. Because your asset manager does not have a Dutch Banking license, he or she uses InsingerGilissen Services as a custodian bank. We have been a reliable and solid bank for asset managers for more than 25 years.

What does InsingerGilissen Services do for you?

We administrate your assets. This means that your account – both stock as well as liquidity depositions – is in our custody. In addition, we handle both the execution and completion of stock transactions on your behalf. We also offer additional banking services, such as credit loans and deposits.

In My InsingerGilissen – a personal online environment – you will find your investment portfolio. The environment provides insight into the performance of your portfolio, additions and withdrawals, purchase and sales transactions, dividends and coupons. The account also provides access to your bank statements, purchase and sales invoices, information about potential margin requirements and an annual fiscal and asset overview.

What are the costs?

We charge rates that are in line with the prevailing market. Your asset manager will inform you about the different service rates.

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