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Independent asset management at InsingerGilissen

We probably do not have to tell you what (independent) asset management is. However, we would like to explain what independent asset management at InsingerGilissen Services means for you as an independent asset manager. It is a collaboration with a clear role division. You are able to focus on your clients and their assets, while we take care of the rest. That means you decide the investment policy, while we handle supporting services like share management, reports and order execution. And we do more.

More than a custodian bank

If you choose independent asset management at InsingerGilissen Services, you get more than a custodian bank. We offer:

  • access to our banking system;

  • 24/7 access to a personal web environment and app in your own house style for you and your clients;

  • regular updates on relevant topics, such as new legislation and regulations;

  • invitations to various substantive and networking events

Are you new to independent asset management? Thanks to our experience, knowledge and good relationships with regulators, we can help you obtain a license. This way, you can quickly get started and save time and money.

Are you a client of an independent asset manager? We are happy to explain what collaborating with InsingerGilissen Services means for you.

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