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At InsingerGilissen, we use an all-in approach. This way, you know exactly what to expect.

The price you pay depends on the size of the assets you entrust to us. The all-in price includes a compensation for Asset management or Investment advice, and all transaction and administrative costs. These consist of things like custody fee, bond repayments, and payment of coupons and dividends. But private banking goes beyond just investment.


  Assets     Advice  Management 
  € 20 million or more 0,33% (incl. ALM) 0,36% (incl. ALM) 
  € 10 million till € 20 million 0,45% (incl. ALM) 0,48% (incl. ALM) 
  € 5 million till € 10 million 0,56% (incl. ALM) 0,61% (incl. ALM) 
  € 3 million till € 5 million  0,78% (incl. feasibility analysis 0,85% (incl. feasibility analysis) 
     VAT included VAT included 

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