Foundations and philanthropy

Charitable and institutional assets

Managing charitable and institutional assets comes with a certain social responsibility, especially if you want to manage the assets in a durable manner. This includes retaining the assets and having a social role. Which risks can, and should, you take to realize the goal of your foundation or association? We are more than happy to help you with (advice about) the management of your charitable or institutional assets.

We will start with your challenges and help you find a solution. Because management goes beyond knowing how to manage assets. That is why we regularly organize helpful gatherings on themes that are relevant to you as a manager. Would you like to leave the management of your foundation or associations up to someone else? Again, we can help.

Tailor-made advice

When we provide advice, we take into account your specific demands and wishes. Our investment experts have a large set of attractive global (durable) investment tools at their disposal. This way, we can set up every investment portfolio according to your wishes.