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Investing: your involvement

How you can or want to invest, differs per institution. That is why you can use an investment charter to establish what your foundation or association can or cannot invest in. And what the minimum quality of an investment should be. The exact set-up of the investment portfolio varies per organization. We will carefully fine-tune this set-up with you and your management. From complete asset management to investment advice: we will handle as much as you want us to.

Asset management: leaving management up to us

If you put us in control of your asset management, we will base this management on an extensive range of attractive global investment tools. And we will focus on durable investments. This means the set-up of the investment portfolio of your foundation or association is not limited to just in-house funds, index products or shares on the Dutch Stock Exchange. In addition, our advice is to select passive investment as the foundation for your portfolio. This will result in a better portfolio distribution, at low costs.

Investment advice: making your own decisions

You can also choose to make your own investment decisions, supported by expert advice. Your consultant is your contact point and will provide well-founded advice. This advice will take into account the agreements that have been made in the contract and the investment charter. In addition, your consultant will proactively approach you with investment ideas – if desired. These ideas are always geared to your guidelines and result in added value.

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