Private individuals

Asset management

We apply an active investment policy. This means that we do our utmost to outperform the market (the benchmark). You can be assured of an independent investment policy, with none or only a few of our in-house investment funds in your portfolio. Please note that Responsible Investing is our default, as described in this policy document (Dutch). As a responsible investor, we are actively involved in the companies in which we invest. You can find more about this here.

Our investment policy is based on our investment beliefs. These are our main beliefs:

The importance of diversification

We believe it is important to diversify investments across and within asset classes in order to control risk. The choice of investments and their corresponding risk/return characteristics also play a major part here. Another aspect we examine is broad diversification across countries and sectors.

Investing in what we understand

We base our investment decisions on fundamental analysis; we only invest in what we understand and can scrutinise thoroughly.

Going against the market consensus

Our investment policy is aimed at earning a return at an acceptable level of risk. This may go against the market consensus if we believe the risk involved is disproportionate to the expected return. For instance, we will avoid specific asset classes, regions or sectors if these involve excessive risks.

Preference for quality

We have a strong preference for quality in our investments. For instance, when selecting companies we seek those with robust balance sheets and sound earnings growth. We believe that consistent investment performance is important in the case of investment funds. In our opinion, this type of high-quality investment generates better risk/return characteristics over the long term than the general market.