Private individuals

Private Banking

If you choose to entrust us with your assets, you will be allocated your own private banker. We propose a private banker who we think we will be a good match and with whom you can build a relationship of trust over the years. Just let us know if there is no personal click and you can switch to a different private banker.

Communications geared to your preferences

Your private banker is the lynchpin in our services. You tell us how and how often you want to communicate with your private banker. By telephone, via the app or in person. At home or at our office. Daily, weekly, monthly, every six months or annually. At your instigation or ours. During or outside office hours.

If your private banker is unavailable, you can be assured of a replacement who has been fully briefed on your wishes and objectives.

Internal and external specialists

In order to provide you with the best-possible service, your private banker works together with a range of specialists at InsingerGilissen and elsewhere. For instance, your private banker is in regular contact with investment experts, private planners and lending specialists. The lines are short, both within the company and with you.