Private individuals

Private Banking

Choose a partner rather than a bank and grow along with your assets. And experience a richer life in the process. That’s private banking at InsingerGilissen.

What we offer

Investment forms the core of our services. If you don’t want the hassle of managing your investments, you can opt for our Asset Management service. If you would rather be the one making all the decisions, then our Investment Advice service is the best solution for you. Our default is that we invest responsibily, in line with the UN Principles for Responsible Investing and as stated in this policy document (in Dutch).   

Private banking that goes beyond investment
In addition to our investment services we can offer you support in financial/estate planning, loans, administrative organisation, philanthropy and payments.  

Network offering unique experiences
Via our events and in other ways you gain access to a valuable network and we offer you experiences you are unlikely to find elsewhere. For those of you who are firm believers in education, we have developed a special programme for your children and grandchildren (age 20-30). We also run programmes on private equity and how to sell a business.

Private Banking from 1,000,000 euros

Our Private Banking services are aimed primarily at private individuals and institutions with investable assets of 1,000,000 euros or more.