Private individuals

Investment advice

You can use InsingerGilissen’s Investment Advice service in different ways. You decide the emphasis we place on it.

Advice in line with our Asset Management service

We share the decisions we make on behalf of our Asset Management service clients with you.

Specific investment ideas and themes

We present relevant investment ideas and themes to you. From real estate to emerging markets, from sustainable investments to private equity. From derivatives to large, small and mid-cap equities.

Equity opinions

We share the opinions of our equity analysts with you. They monitor a wide selection of Dutch equities in the AEX and AMX indices, while our analysts and those in our Quintet network analyse European and US equities as well.

Customised advice, tangible opportunities, ideas to mull over. It’s up to you how you wish to receive these. Via your private banker, via our newsletter or via your personalised online My InsingerGilissen environment.