Private individuals

Additional services

As our client we can help you with taxation issues, such as inheritance law, asset structuring, protecting and transferring your assets. The specialists in our Private Banking Services team will be happy to assist you and in doing so will work closely with your private banker.

Private Plan

As part of our services, we offer you the option of drawing up a Private Plan. Our Private Plan gives you insight into the feasibility of your objectives and offers you tangible solutions, peace of mind and an overview of your finances.

A Private Plan deals with the individual components of your financial future, such as the consequences of becoming incapacitated for work, death or the purchase or sale of a (holiday) home. The taxation aspects of your investments also form an important component of the plan. In consultation with you, we have the Private Plan compiled by a specialist external financial planner. The planner provides strictly independent advice, based on his or her own knowledge and insights. The Private Plan may be applicable at the start of our banking relationship or later on.

Estate Plan

In estate planning we examine this important topic in more detail. The primary aim of estate planning is to give you insight into how you can pass on your assets as well and as advantageously as possible in tax terms to your heirs.

A practical plan that is aligned with your wishes and prevailing tax legislation. This may include legal and tax advice on transferring and maintaining (family) assets. An InsingerGilissen Estate Plan can provide solutions in this respect. As with the Private Plan, we have the Estate Plan compiled by an independent external specialist.

Administration and Executor Support

Our Administration, Executor Support & Estate Planning department can act as administrator or executor on your behalf. Our main task as an administrator is to ensure that your assets are allocated responsibly. We ensure solid investment and administration of the assets on behalf of the entitled parties.

In our capacity as a professional and independent executor, we settle inheritances in line with your wishes. We do so throughout the Netherlands, but also abroad (mostly in Europe).