InsingerGilissen is headquartered in Amsterdam and has multiple locations spread throughout the Netherlands. Via KBL european private bankers  (KBL epb), you can access a European network of private banks in Belgium, Germany, Luxembourg, the United Kingdom and Spain.

InsingerGilissen Amsterdam
Herengracht 537
NL-1017 BV  Amsterdam
+31(0)20 5215 000
InsingerGilissen Den Haag
Alexanderstraat 1
NL-2514 JL  The Hague
+31 (0)70 3135 200
InsingerGilissen Eindhoven
Parklaan 34-A
NL-5613 BE  Eindhoven
+31 (0)40 7112 700
InsingerGilissen Enschede
M.H. Tromplaan 18
NL-7511 JK  Enschede
+31 (0)53 7110 030
InsingerGilissen Groningen
Verlengde Hereweg 174
NL-9722 AM  Groningen
+31 (0)50 7116 090
InsingerGilissen Rotterdam
Veerkade 5a
NL-3016 DE  Rotterdam
+31 (0)10 7137 500

 InsingerGilissen Services is located in our headquarters in Amsterdam.

Do you have a media request?

Our experts are often heard and seen in the media. They like sharing their opinion on topics like asset planning, price trends, specific shares or investment policy. In addition, it is possible to talk to our management about InsingerGilissen.

Spokesperson and point of contact for the media:

Huib Vermeulen
Head of Marketing & Communication
+31 (0)20 5276 557