Dutch Banking Code

Read how the Banking Code* is applied at InsingerGilissen here in Dutch.

*The Code Banken was introduced on 1 January 2010 and applies to all banks in the Netherlands. The Code consists of principles that stipulate how Dutch banks should ensure ethical business operations and treat the interests of all stakeholders equally. The Banking Code contains principles relating to corporate governance, risk management, audits and remuneration that banks need to comply with.

On 1 January 2015, the Banking Code was updated as part of the ‘Future-oriented banking’ package. The revised Banking Code, the Social Charter and the implementation of the bank-wide bankers’ oath (and consequently the rules relating to conduct and ethics), which apply to all employees of Dutch financial institutions, emphasise the role that banks play in society and encourage them to fulfil the expectations of society.

Bankers’ Oath

Our Board of Directors, Supervisory Board and employees have all taken the bankers’ oath. The members of both boards endorse the sentiments behind this oath, not only because integrity is one of our core values but also because we are aware that the oath reinforces the special responsibility borne by our bank employees.


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