Daily investment update by KBL European Private Bankers

InsingerGilissen, 11 JUN 2018

No longer backing the final G7 communiqué and calling the host dishonest and weak in a couple of tweets after leaving early, must, for sure, be another low in President Trump’s long list of undiplomatic actions. It also sets the scene for more trade jitters and tit-for-tat retaliation. Slowly but surely the US unilateral stance is leading to an unraveling of the international community and its institutions. Not a perfect setting that the world financial markets will enjoy, I’d say. But besides leaving Canada early to meet up with the NorthKorean leader in Singapore, President Trump is not the only one to possibly rock the boat this week. We have central banks lining up to announce their rate decisions and hopefully disclose how they see the future and what medicine they will use. It is not only the Federal Reserve and the European Central Bank that are holding committees. The Bank of Japan also has its regular meeting on Friday.